Our name embodies our ethos:
to VIE with passion and commitment, seeking excellence in every aspect of financial stewardship for our clients.

What I Do

I’m thrilled that you're considering these crucial conversations because planning is absolutely vital for pursuing your goals effectively and efficiently.


Financial Planning

This is where the magic begins. Planning will empower you to define your aspirations and develop a strategic path to realize them. It's not just about money; it's about crafting the life you desire and having the means to make it a reality. Prioritizing this approach fuels motivation, instills confidence, and propels you toward a future of fulfillment and financial security.


Asset Allocation

Where strategy meets expertise. We'll tailor your portfolio with meticulous care, strategically allocate assets, handpick securities, and vigilantly monitor performance. Count on us as your financial architects, building a sturdy fortress for your wealth to thrive.


Protection Management

Shielding your financial future. We'll fortify your defenses against life's uncertainties with stalwart solutions like life insurance and long-term care. Count on us as your steadfast guardians, committed to safeguarding your wealth and securing your legacy with unwavering resolve.

Hello! I’m Katie Cimonetti,
Founder and Managing Partner of VIE Wealth Management

They say behind every successful person is a supportive family, and for Katie, that couldn't ring truer. Raised in the southside of Chicago, Katie embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. From her close-knit family to her own bustling household with husband Drew, daughters Teagan and Tessa, and their two golden retrievers, Nadia and Nellie, Katie thrives on the chaos of juggling entrepreneurship and family life. 

Her journey evolved as she transitioned from her successful tenure at Edward Jones to Fidelity, driven by her pursuit of advanced technology capabilities for her clients. At Edward Jones, she honed her skills in finance and developed her passion for personalized service. Recognizing the potential to enhance her clients' experience through cutting-edge technology, she made the strategic move to Fidelity as a financial advisor. Now, at VIE Wealth Management, Katie combines her wealth of experience from both firms to provide unparalleled service and guidance to investors.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Katie finds joy in being an active member of her community in Frankfort. Whether she's lacing up her running shoes for her next marathon or volunteering for local causes, Katie is deeply committed to giving back and making a positive impact. 

VIE, meaning to compete eagerly, was created out of the sheer passion for the pursuit of excellence. This firm was built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to give investors the unparalleled experience they deserve. Katie’s foundation is rooted in a relentless commitment to excellence, personalized service, and unwavering integrity.

As Maya Angelou once said, 'Nothing will work unless you do.' It's a mantra Katie has embraced in both her personal and professional life. Experience the difference with VIE Wealth Management where your success is Katie’s sole focus.

Who I Help

We're here to empower individuals and families who value expert guidance and take decisive action. Our tailored services cater to a diverse range of clients, including:

Happy professionals

The HENRY's of the World (High Earners, Not Yet Rich)

Those with impressive six-figure incomes seeking savvy strategies to transform earnings into lasting wealth.

Small business owner

Freelancers, Independent Contractors, and Small Business Owners

Navigating the gig economy, lacking traditional workplace retirement plans, and craving customized financial blueprints for success.

Blue collar workers

Blue Collar Workers

The backbone of our society, who may have sturdy pensions but desire comprehensive financial planning and additional strategies to fortify their future.

Grandparent with grandchild in the garden

Those Nearing Retirement

Hungry for meticulous retirement planning and smart income strategies to savor their golden years without financial fretting.